The evidence is surmounting! The question is where to start? Well, I've written a huge book that incorporates most of what I write here, but after several conflicts on several talk forums I've chosen to start a Blog to make this info easily attainable to those who search. I've had several personal emails sent to me requesting this. I also receive about 150 a day from people requesting information regarding my book and the things I talk about, so I though a Blog would be a good idea.

Let me start with a Blog that supplies some strong evidence for a Creator...

Our very existence - THAT WE EXIST AT ALL, is something to really marvel at.

The earth is literally perfect for life to exist on it for several reasons - to name a few... It just so happens to be the perfect size and distance from the sun. How about we stretch our limits to the right type of galaxy for the earth to exists and thrive in, and the right location within the galaxy. Incidentally, our solar system is in a part of the Milky Way that scientists call the "galactic habitable zone" because it has just the right concentrations of the chemical elements needed to support life. Farther out, those elements are too scarce, farther in, our galactic neighborhood is too hazardous because of the greater abundance of potentially lethal radiation and other factors. The earth also spins at the precise speed of rotation (as well as tilt) that it needs to in order to sustain life as well as having the perfect number of moons needed. And the moon being just the perfect size as well and additionally in the precise location "today" in order to control the waves of the ocean which in turn creates just the right amount of oxygen that we need to survive. (the ocean produces 90% of the earths oxygen from microscopic plants that depends on the oceans motion). Additionally, the earth has water for life and a water cycle that keeps it clean and fresh. The earth also has just the right temperatures maintained by the sun in order to sustain life. If it were off by just a few degrees (such as the witnessing of the melting of the ice caps) it could wipe out entire species in the warm waters of the oceans as well as on land. Its also imperative to know that the earth orbit's the sun within only "one-ninth" of an inch every 18 miles. If it were off by one-eighth or one-tenth, we would either heat up or freeze beyond tolerable limits. Few people neglect to realize just how precise everything has to be in order for humans as well as the vast diversity of life on the planet to continue to exist.

Let me add a few things here... Almost every field we look at, such as Astronomy, oceanography, physics, medicines, biology, geology, archeology. In all these fields of science the Bible keeps coming up scientifically accurate. For instance, today astronomy knows the earth is round, but thousands of years before this in Isaiah 40:22 it already told us the earth was round. This is something Isaiah could not have know in the wisdom of his day.

We also know that the planets orbit the sun. but not many people are aware of the suns orbit. In 1999 it was measured. However the Bible told us this already centuries ago in Psalm 19:4-6.

Science also gives credit to the invention of electric light to Humphrey Davy and Thomas Edison, but the Bible already mention this in Job 38:19. It tells us that light has a "path". Today we know that light does indeed travel in a path by tiny particles in a straight line.

Job 38:24 tells us that the sea has springs of fresh water. In Hawaii if you dive down in the ocean there are fresh water springs, but somehow Job knew this and he lived in an arid land.

Additionally, the field of medicine is also found in Genesis 17:12, which tells us that newborn males are to be circumcised on the 8th day. You may wonder why the 8th day? Well this is because blood clotting is determined by 3 factors... platelets, prothrombin and vitamin K, (which is responsible for prothrombin production). If the baby doesn't have enough vitamin K, and is cut, it can hemorrhage and die. Vitamin K in newborns is made on day 5-7, but on day 8 it is the only day in a newborns life in which the prothrombin levels actually exceed (peak) 100% of the norm and then start going downhill after that.

Additionally, in Leviticus 17:15 it prohibits the eating of meat from an animal that died (is found dead) naturally. Today we know about bacteria, but back then they didn't have microscopes. In fact today it is against both local and state public health laws to take an animal that is already dead to a processing plant. So as we can see that G-ds law was there protecting the people.

Additionally in Leviticus 11:7 the Jewish people were forbidden to eat port. Pigs are scavengers, they like just about anything and in doing so they ingest parasites such as trichinosis and additionally Taenia solium, cysticercosis, and brucellosis. We know today if these are untreated it can be debilitating and deadly. However today we have better processes to cook and store pork (refrigeration and ovens).

Also in the field of medicine... It is specified in Deuteronomy 23:12-14 that Moses instructed the Israelites to bury their waste. Today we have sewer systems that keep the microorganisms and flees away from us. But during the black plague people threw wastes out into the back alleys where the flees would then bite the rats. Rats traveled (who ate the wastes) into peoples homes or near them allowing the flees to jump off them and onto the people and infecting them, thus causing the black plague which killed 12 million people just because they didn't understand how to dispose of human wastes properly.

You may ask, why did G-d make these laws thousands of years ago? The answer is that He did it to keep the Jewish people safe to get them to the promised land because through them He planned on bringing us the Messiah.

Let me also say that the Bible covers biology (the law of biogenesis) mentioned in Acts 17:25, and Genesis 1:24, which tells us it is G-d that gives all life. The question is, has that ever changed? because all throughout time, for the last several decades man has tried to make living material from non living material and has not yet been successful. So in order for evolution to work it has to violate the scientific law.

Let me add this to the itinerary... Recently, mitochondrial DNA mutation rates were measured by comparing mitochondrial DNA from siblings and from parents and their offspring. (Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from a single lineage).

It was found that Mitochondrial DNA mutates about 20 times faster than previously thought, at a rate of approximately one substitution every 33 generations. The Mitochondrial DNA has about 610 base pairs, in which humans differ from one another by approximately 18 mutations.

It follows that the human race is about 300 generations old. If one assumes a typical generation is about 20 years, this gives an age of about 6000 years.

(Parsons, Thomas J., et al., A high observed substitution rate in the human mitochondrial DNA control region, Nature Genetics vol. 15, April 1997, pp. 363-367).

The moral of the story is... True science will always support G-d's word!

I fully expect that there will be those who try and bring forth contradictory information.

This is just the start, in each post of mine one will find more and more details to weigh in on.

Author Anita Meyer
The Primordial Language - Confirmation of the Divine Creator